STIRRI Introduces World's First Low-Temperature Halogen-Free Solder Paste with QC-Aid™ at Productronica 2023

STIRRI Introduces World's First Low-Temperature Halogen-Free Solder Paste with QC-Aid™ at Productronica 2023

STIRRI Introduces World's First Low-Temperature Halogen-Free Solder Paste with QC-Aid™ at Productronica 2023

Industry standard visual PCB contamination UV-inspection for electronics manufacturing is now a reality for Low-Temperature Solder Paste

November 15, 2023, Munich, Germany

STIRRI, a USA-based OEM/ODM fabricator specializing in QC-traceable solder paste, paste flux and nano-coating for SMD assembly and microelectronics repair industries, unveiled a groundbreaking innovation at Productronica 2023 in Munich - world's first low-temperature halogen-free solder paste with an optical tracer. The QC-Aid™ incorporated in a solder paste harnesses UV-light allowing for immediate visual PCB contamination inspection without complex testing equipment or training. Specially designed for tin-bismuth applications, STIRRI LT-HF ensures exceptional soldering performance while maintaining the longevity and reliability of delicate electronic components promoting mechanical properties of Bismuth-containing alloys while enabling instant optional visual QC.

STIRRI LT-HF low-temperature halogen-free solder paste for soldering heat-sensitive components with instant visual control” — Mark Miller

Mark Miller, a representative from STIRRI, commented, “It is a milestone for the electronics manufacturing as LTHF solder paste, traditionally used for soldering temperature sensitive components, becomes traceable in UV - a feature widely used by quality-driven OEM at least for a decade. When surface is prone to warping or discoloration or for soldering heat-sensitive components, STIRRI LT-HF low-temperature halogen-free solder paste provides exceptional performance with instant visual control.”

According to the company, manufacturers often relied on expensive equipment to detect potential contamination. However, STIRRI's low-temperature solder paste is set to transform the routine by making QC inspection instant and visual on the spot, only requiring UV-light for inspection which otherwise is not necessary to operate the paste - completely optional.

Solder Paste with a glow received warm welcome from professional consumers on Amazon: “flux residue is minimal and easy to clean”, “helps to speed things along”, “good wetting at low temps, nice and shiny little solder blobs”, “wets almost instantly with hot air”, “great solder paste and great price”, “I would recommend.”

The recent participation of STIRRI at Productronica 2023, the world's leading trade fair for electronics production, further emphasized the company's dedication to providing innovative solutions for the industry. The event, held in Munich from November 14 to November 17, showcased the entire range of technologies and solutions for electronics production, offering in-depth insights into the latest trends.

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