STIRRI HydraCoat EGC Engineered Fluid

STIRRI HydraCoat EGC Engineered Fluid

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STIRRI®HYDRACOAT-EGC™ is an ultra-thin, electronics-grade conformal nano-coating delivering industrial-strength protection for electronic devices.

Wide range of applications in automotive, avionics, defense, medical, consumer electronics, LED, solar, marine/naval, and SMT OEM manufacturing, shielding displays and components from chemicals, solvents, fuels, humidity, corrosive and harsh environments.

Reduces friction: Acts as anti-stiction coating, minimizing friction between moving parts in LCDs, micromotors, and MEMS components.

Prevents migration: Acts as anti-migration coatings, stopping fluids or lubricants from moving across surfaces in displays, spindle motors, and lubricated parts.

Enhances protection: Offers anti-corrosion protection for a wide range of electronic materials and parts.

Creates a moderately hard and scratch-resistant surface while still being solder-through reworkable.

Universal adhesion to virtually any surface without affecting flexibility.

Non-flammable, low toxicity, non-ozone depleting, VOC exempt, and RoHS compliant.

Available in various concentrations, viscosities, thicknesses, and packaging options.

Can be easily applied by brushing, dipping, dripping, squirting, spinning, or spraying.

Key Properties:

Film thickness: 0.1-0.6 μm
Water contact angle: ~115°
Oil contact angle: >55°
Surface tension: 8-12 dynes/cm
Hardness: >2B pencil (moderate scratch resistant)
Full cure time: 24 hours at room temperature or 10 minutes at 60°C
Heat stability: Continuous at 150°C, up to 1 hour at 250°C or 3 hours at 200°C
Refractive index: ~1.34
Electrical resistance: Yes
Removable: Yes
Solder-through reworkable: Yes

3M™ Novec™ 1720 replacement

STIRRI® HydraCoat™ is a 1:1 replacement for 3M™ Novec™ 1720 - clear, low viscosity, low surface tension engineered fluid similar to 3M's 7100, with the addition of a fluorotelomer-based polymer instead of the fluorosilane polymer in Novec™ 1720.

Similar easy cleaning and anti-smudge capabilities on a variety of surfaces such as glass flat panel displays. Commonly used to protect submerged electronic device components and improve the clean-ability of solder paste printing stencils.

STIRRI® HydraCoat™ dries in less than 8 seconds to a thin, transparent, permanent film with excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Optional post-curing provides added durability and abrasion resistance.

It is non-flammable, low in toxicity, non-ozone depleting, and RoHS compliant, making it a strong and direct replacement for 3M™ Novec™ 1720.

Safety Notice

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